I’m interested to see what people have to say.  Feel free to use Iria, Aerynai, Adrie, Ada, or Alia.

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QuestionI ship you with Thyrus. Answer

"Aaah. Thank you, but no."

QuestionI ship you with Naerwyn! Answer

"I barely know the lady."


up for bat are all of my characters ever and crowly

never mind that crowly is noT MY CHARACTER


Senes plz

( I totally didn’t typo ‘Snes’ at first either)

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Just let me know what character!

I think Shirexia is my only character with a living father, so. YEAH.

This one’s different. Neato.

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Nestarion and Laarah invite you to join them at their celebration of union! 

OOC Info : The Quel’danas Sanctum is actually just the large inn on the isle! The ceremony will take place at the top and the reception to take place at the bottom!

<3 Welcome new followers!

As always, if you see me ‘round in game and I have my IC flag up, don’t be afraid to approach! 

'course, I could have forgotten to turn TRP on >.>



Join House Sungazer in the celebration of renewed hope and reunion. Lord Sungazer is proud to announce the reemergance of his daughters, Sairynia and Kaldrea Sungazer and wishes for all to share in his joy. Join House Sungazer for food, festivities, music and dance.

There will also be an…